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Brad Jensen Member Name: DFWGuy40 Member ID: 000708
Caucasian / White, 51, Separated McKinney, Texas, United States

Personal Details
Gender: Male
Age: 51 (19-Nov-1968)
Race: Caucasian / White
Marital Status: Separated
Children: 2
Religion: Other
Drinking: Socially
Smoking: Ex-Smoker
Food: Barbecue
Occupation: Technical
Education: Some college
Languages: English (Fluent)
Interests: Arts / Crafts
Astrology / New Age
Cars / Motorcycles
Computers / Internet
Food and Wine
Hiking / Camping
Literature / History
Movies / Cinema
Museums / Galleries
Music - Alternative
Music - Blues/Jazz
Music - Classical / Opera
Music - Country
Music - Dance / Electronic
Music - New Age
Music - Pop / R&B
Music - Rock
Theatre / Ballet
Travel / Sightseeing
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Light Brown
Body Type: Heavy
Height: 5'09" - (175 cm)

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General Information
Read this and follow the instructions - So time and fate
and the choices of your life have finally brought you here.
I have been expecting you. You clicked on this profile for
a reason. What was it? Was it something in the name?
Maybe it was something in the pictures? Perhaps it's
because you live close by, or maybe it's because you don't.
You may not even know what it was that really brought you
here to my profile, however here you are none the less.
Now stop and scratch your head - So Alice, are you
ready to take a step further and see how deep the rabbit
hole goes? Are your curiosities peaked enough to know what
lies behind the words, behind the pictures, behind the empty
nothingness where this place is and where we now sit and
wait for you to decide? Forward or back, forward or back?
The age old question. If you have read this far you
obviously haven't made the choice yet. Why? What keeps you
here? Is it the desires you have felt for so long driving
you forward, driving you to continue the search and hope
beyond all hope that maybe...just maybe this might be the
one person in the world who can understand you, connect with
you, make you whole? Now rub the back of your neck with
your right hand - Or is it time now to run? Run away,
back to the safety of the endless list of other profiles?
No thought required there. No fear or doubt, no words to
make you ask yourself all of these tough questions. Maybe
you should run, click the back button and leave this one
alone. But then again......what if you do and miss out on
the opportunity of a lifetime? That one chance to have your
dreams come true and all your needs fulfilled. What
if.........? Now look up and smile - Still here eh?
Impressive! You really do have potential. If you have
gotten this far then you have already obeyed my commands
four times. Did you honestly pick up on it before reading
the previous sentence? Come on....be honest. Ok get it out
of your system. Work through the stages with me. Call me
dirty names for tricking you (Anger). Then convince
yourself that I am the geek for coming up with this profile
that made you feel silly (Denial). Now giggle a little and
read on(Acceptance)...Now isn't that better? If you can't
make it to acceptance stop here, click the back button on
your browser and leave this profile behind. Do not leave
harsh words or ill feelings here. Do not attempt to
intimidate, berate, or belittle me or my profile with wasted
words in an email. So many better ways for you to use that
energy don't you think? I mean really if I mean nothing to
you and you do not care then why bother. Just move on and
put your energies into finding your right one with my wishes
for the best of luck in your search. Still here? You
know your starting to grow on me. There are better than
fair odds at this point that I may end up liking you given
the chance to know you. So you have already submitted to
me on several occasions, (didn't it feel good? You know
your head did kind of itch, and that neck rub was pretty
good too..got that annoying crick out, and you finally saw
how your ceiling looks) you know I have a sense of humor
(albeit warped and twisted), your still reading so you know
you have some level of interest in knowing more about me.
No sense denying it now, we are past all of that petty
stuff. So pluck up some courage, throw in a dash of
humility, a sprinkling of humor in return and tell me why
your here and what you want to know? It states in my
profile I am dominant so no need to cover that ground. I
know from the fact that you have read this far that you can
indeed read or maybe you just liked the background color and
the way those funny looking symbols scrolled by as you moved
the side bar up and down. I am hoping for the former, if
it's the latter..well no since saying more... Look
forward to hearing from you soon! Sincerely - Brad
Gravitational forces have extended my stomach a bit.
Working on some reverse physics to balance the gravitational
pull. Phrases like big boned and husky have been used to
describe me. Generally dress comfortably, jeans, t-shirts,
shorts, tennis shoes. Work is normally slacks and a polo
with some loafers. Not big on main stream fashion, go with
what works and is comfortable.

Looking for
What I am looking for...oh yes that is the one part not
mentioned anywhere else clearly I suppose so I can fill in
the blanks for you a bit on that subject. I am looking for
a woman who identifies with either being a submissive or a
slave between the ages of 18 and 40. I am open to all races
of women. I would prefer to find a woman who weighs less
than I do. Those are pretty much my first pass
requirements. I do not see how I can be more fair and open
than that. What you can expect from me. I am 42 not 24
so I am not going to demand anything from you initially.
Save the titles and cordialities for the youngsters who read
one too many books, or watched one too many of their
father's porn movies. I expect to be treated with the basic
human respect and kindness that you would afford someone you
were just introduced to by your mother in the real world. I
will respond in kind. There are no silly questions only
silly answers so please do not hold back out of fear of
rejection or reprisal, I promise to no berate or belittle
you over something you asked. What I am like. Well
that's the whole purpose to start a conversation so you can
find out for yourself and make your own assessments of what
I am like in your mind and eyes as that is who the opinion
is going to matter to most. I could try to throw
descriptions at my personality, however they are just that,
my descriptions. So for me to boldly state in my profile
that "I am strict" or "I am demanding" is not really
effective. Strict and demanding to you may take on a whole
different meaning. So take the time, get to know me, and I
believe in the end if you give me a chance you will probably
like me too. If your really curious to know more look around
for the same screen name throughout this vast world wide web
and you will likely find more.
Gender: Female
Age From: 18
Age To: 35
Activity Partner
No Strings Attached
Submissive seeking Dominant
Travel Partner

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